7 Myths About Self-Published Books

Sara Flower Kjeldsen Writes

#1They’re Only Self-publishing Because No Publisher Accepted Their Story. Many indie authors skip the agent querying step, preferring to publish on their own time and terms. You have some indie authors who queried agents to no avail and they had no other choice but to self-publish. That does not mean that their future books won’t be accepted by publishers. Some agents could personally love a story, but they won’t take a chance on something that isn’t “marketable” at the time. Being rejected often isn’t because the story lacked quality. Some authors do a bit of querying to see what happens and if no agent or publisher bites, they self-publish when they are ready.

A lot of people view their writing as art, so the idea of having other people controlling how their work gets published turns them off. Never assume someone self-published because they “had” to. Many people choose…

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